New Tree

Good news!!! Alice's Owl has a new tree!
The past few weeks have been very busy packing up EVERYTHING from the last tree and moving to a new tree a few states away! Thankfully I found a most suitable and acceptable place to build a new new nest :-). Even better is that this new tree and nest are completely for me :-).  No angry horned owls or peacocks with opinions here! :-) That is certainly worthy of a "Hoot Hoot" :-).


It's so much fun setting up my tree. It's a little messy inside still as I need to finish painting before I can finish unpacking completely, but it's lovely. It is comfortable and cozy-- just like you want your nest and tree to be. 

One of my favorite parts about moving is that you get to re-create your space! Stay tuned to see how I transform my new space with color, some unique etsy finds, and my own creative touch :-).

In the mean time, feel free to check out my Etsy shop for a summer sale! :-)
  Alice's Owl

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