New DIY project: Organic Seed Necklaces



This afternoon I discovered a How-Tuesday on Etsy's Storque outlining how to make Organic Seed Necklaces from the seeds of melons this summer.  What a fabulous and creative idea!  LOVE IT! 

Maya Kuzman is the brilliant mind behind this wonderful tutorial and project :-).  Maya has an etsy shop, Little Treasures, and also goes by Sewella :-).  Her shop is filled with delightful finds :-).  My favorite is still quite possibly these necklaces that she shows us how to make.  Bright, colorful, natural, and organic-- they are a great way to dress up your summer wardrobe and be a little funky! 

You can check out the Etsy Storque How-Tuesday tutorial here.  Below I outline the project. 

Supplies you’ll need:
  • Melon or watermelon seeds
  • Markers or nail polish
  • Wooden beads  
  • Fishing line or a cotton thread
  • Thin embroidery needle

1. For the melon seed necklace, scoop out the seeds with a spoon. Wash the seeds in warm water with mild washing detergent to remove the slimy fibers. Then let them air dry in the sun. I usually place them on a cotton napkin so they won't stick to it when dried. It's helpful if the seeds are big because they are easier to manipulate.

2. When piercing the seeds, it is best if you do it in the middle; if you make a hole near the edge, the seed might split.

3. Once the seeds are dry, I love to add a little color. For my necklaces, I used ordinary markers — you can also use nail polish for a more finished and glittery look. I painted half of the seed because I like the effect they create when strung together. 

4. With a thin embroidery needle, string the seeds on fishing line or cotton thread. You can introduce wooden beads (for a more organic appearance), plastic beads, crocheted flowers, etc.

5. Tie a simple, yet secured, knot and you're done. Choose your favorite colors, string the seeds and make yourself some organic jewelery!

Extra Tips:
  • Keep your necklaces in a dry place and do not expose them to moisture. My oldest melon seed necklace is about 15 years old and looks as if I made it yesterday.
  • Pumpkin and squash seeds are not appropriate for this type of project since they tend to dry, shrink, chip and break. However, watermelon seeds can be used instead.
  • If you have plain wooden beads and want to color them, stick them on a toothpick stuck into a corkboard (or Styrofoam board). This makes it much easier to paint the beads.

ENJOY!!!  And have fun playing with your food this summer :-).

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