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Califia- Queen of the Californias. 
by Skinfolk
It's been a little while since I posted one of my own favorite etsy shops and my own creative inspirations.  Today, I'd like to share an etsy gem with all of you.  I love sharing :-).

Readers, meet Skinfolk, a lovely shop on Etsy.  Skinfolk is a fantastic shop that is brimming with luscious body butters, healing herbal soaks of all sorts for your body, mind and spirit, fantastic healing salves... and more!  Also meet Tisha who is the amazing owner and creative mind/healer behind Skinfolk.  Tisha has a home base in the San Diego, CA area.  She loves learning and teaching (I feel connected to her on that level also!)  In her etsy profile she states that she "feels abundantly blessed to teach about our wonderful Mother Nature".  Rock on Tisha!  She also shares that her passion in life is "increase awareness of our beautiful sameness... trees, seas, babies."  If you are in the San Diego area you can check her out locally at the Hillcrest Farmer's Market and take in her pure, organic products and holistic healing blends first hand.   

Just some of the highlights of what makes Tisha's products at Skinfolk and her methods special and extraordinary include: 
Organic, raw, fairly traded ingredients
used by Skinfolk

  • creating her recipes from scratch 
  • using solar infusions of virgin olive oil and *organic* herbs in EVERY creation
  • including *natural* ingredients in her products including natural preservatives of vitamin e, honey, citric acid, and essential oils.
  • embracing a globally ethical and sustainable business model which results in the best ingredients for her products and the best energy going into her products.   
  • only uses fairly traded, organic, raw and sustainable items which she herself loving picks from reputable suppliers. 

In addition, she makes a choice to NOT do what many other companies do and this makes her products and company also stand apart.  For example: 

Skinfolk Love Set of 3
by Skinfolk
  •  She doesn't add water to her product.  
  •  She doesn't add mineral oil to her product. 
  •  She doesn't use hydrogenated oils. 
  •  She uses NO chemical preservatives!!!
  •  She never uses fragrance oils.  Only the real stuff :-)

Throughout the shop, within the description of each product, you can read customer reviews of that product, as well as Skinfolk in general.  Here are some of the things people have to say... 

  "Love how this feels, very nourishing! Thanks so much for such great products!"
Tree of Karite- Fairly Traded Raw Shea Butter-
1.7 oz recyclable glass jar
by Skinfolk
"Rave! My hair loves it and its' scent is light but delightful!" 

"How exciting to find the most fabulous raw butter mixtress!!! A plus plus plus for Tisha! She is a doll, the best at customer service, ships asap and your products are packaged so beautifully!  Enclosed list of ingredients and what they do! And filled to the top! This is creamy dreamy healing power! And she included a lovely extra! I urge everyone to try her goodies! She far exceeded my expectations! She is just lovely seller and lovely product, you know she truly takes pride in her creations!!!"
Rainforests of the Amazon- Velvety Smooth Tucuma Butter-
1.7 oz recyclable glass jar
**Pictured Here- Raw Tucuma**
by Skinfolk
" *•-:¦:-* Pure delight this sachet got me in a bath tub to soak and relax, thanks for the sample of this because without that sample I would be missing out on pure bliss. This smell so relaxing with the lovely lavender and my bath tub looks like a big tub of tea that is how I know this is pack with so many good yummy ingredients. I felt revive and rejuvenated after this soak and vow to take a soak once per week. Thank you for bring back bath time."
Selah- Pause and Enjoy Life Bath Sachet-
Stop Insomnia, Dry Skin, Bad Attitudes with One Soak.
by Skinfolk
Tisha of Skinfolk has an amazing assortment of products for your body, skin, hair, spirit... and so on.    Check out her shop.  You can also follow her blog here.  Tisha has definitely provided me me with some seriously inspiration recently and has been one of the catalysts pumping the creative juices through these owl wings!  As spring arrives the desire to nurture my body and emerge from my cocoon, spread my wings, and show the world my bright seasonal colors is bubbling up.  Thanks to Tisha and Skinfolk, my wings will be much more vibrant, comfortable, and hydrated due to a thorough slathering of these body butters, my mood will match them thanks to the soaks, and my hair will be healthy and creative thanks to the Khepri.  Skinfolk will surely help me to continue my self-care rituals regularly and keep my creative juices flowing, while looking like it too.  

Here are a few more of my favorite products from Skinfolk.  Enjoy!

Exotic Body Butter Set- Intense Moisture and Vitamin
Rich with Amino Acids and Anti-oxidants
by Skinfolk
Khepri- God of the Rising Sun- Nourish Hair Food-
Transforms split ends, itchy dry scalp,
and chemical damage. 
by Skinfolk
Superfruit to the Rescue- Cold Pressed Indian Mango
Butter- Elevate your spirits while alleviating dry skin.
by Skinfolk

And the Winner is... The BALM- Pain Relieving
Herbal Salve- Amazing Relief Lies Ahead.
by Skinfolk

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