Creative Inspiration- Light Bulb Terrariums

Recently on Etsy I began introducing Living Art.  I love it!  One of the inspirations for my living art was my introduction to Tillandsias, or Air Plants as they are also sometimes called.  The plants are native to Latin America.  Tillandsias absorb all of their nutrients through the vegetation on the plant itself-- the roots are simply for steadying themselves and operate as a sort of wire-like base.  They are magnificent for all sorts of arrangements, botanical interior designs, as well as terrariums! 

Early on in my work with these botanical wonders, I stumbled across this video on a How-To-Tuesday Etsy Blog.  It served as my own creative inspiration and started my own living art that hasn't stopped and continues to keep going.  Today, I work with all sorts of Tillandsias, other succulents, and lots of natural materials. 

It seemed appropriate to share it today-- to spread my creative inspiration.  In addition, it is now March in Michigan... and a hope for green is here :-).  Terrariums and living art are a way to keep nature with us all of the time, regardless of where we are and what season it is.  In Michigan winters it is even more splendid!  Now that spring is approaching there is even more desire to bring the green and living indoors.  Hopefully this will give you some ideas on how to do just that. 

I hope this video will inspire some of you to try your hand at terrariums, or other living art.  I hope it also reminds those of you in colder climates that warmer weather is on its way :-).  And even better... it also will help you recycle :-).  Bring mother nature in, and care for her at the same time!

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